For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for interior design, decoration and colour.  I am lucky enough to be able to incorporate these elements into my life almost everyday.

Interior Decoration has inspired me since I was young.  At just 10 years old I was given the opportunity to practice my skills by assisting my mother put together a concept for my bedroom. I was given the responsibility to make the final decision in every aspect of wallpaper, paint, furniture, décor and fabrics.  By the time I was 12 years old I was drawing design sketches and floor plans and coming up with my own ideas and challenging myself to come up with better ideas. 

Interior design and decoration is not just a job for me, its so much more than that, it is what gives me my biggest buzz. My clients feed on the excitement and I find the more involved they are, the more they get out of it.

After basing myself in London and travelling to different countries, I decided to come back to Australia and take the leap into design.  This profession has always felt natural to me, and colour consulting is what I have decided to put my focus on.

Attaining formal qualifications and working within my business has given me great pleasure and satisfaction.  I am able to share my knowledge and inspire others to have a home that reflects their personality.  I have obtained a Diploma of Arts in Interior Design and Decoration and worked for big paint brands such as Wattyl (Valspar), and currently I represent Dulux as a Brand Ambassador, Digital Consumer Support Consultant and Colour Designer.

If you are unsure of what colours work together, where to add colour and pull back, or are on the right track but need professional confirmation, let me assist you.

It is my belief that the home is a sanctuary, and your special place for refuge and retreat