colour and decorating

Colour is extremely influencial and important in the home, it is a reflection of your style, personality and can affect your mood. I work with well known paint companies as a Colour Consultant and Brand Ambassador,  it gives me a first hand opportunity to be up to date with the on-trend colours of the season.  I enjoy teaching the principles of colour to my clients and selecting colour schemes that will enhance the home and reflect the personalities within it.

Decoration is the finishing touches to a home and can make all the difference.  It is where you get to show your prized possessions and collectables amongst other items that blend into the design and colour scheme of the home.  Decorating the home is a fun and exciting experience.  De cluttering can be therapeutic and life enhancing. The colours you decorate with, make all the difference. Professional Colour Consultants do more than just help you choose wall colours!

creating peace, inspiration and beauty in the home